Our Goal For Sharing Traditions

                               Our Goal for Sharing Traditions As a Tribe we have several goals. One of the main ones is to learn, share and practice our traditions.  Traditions such as culture, stories, foods, dance, views toward nature and the world, and language just to name a few. In the last several days some of you have […]


Highlights from past newsletters “The Drum Beats”

  Highlights from our resent Newsletter “The Drum Beats” The Native American Medicine Wheel                       Featured March, 2017 The Native American Medicine Wheel can be a template for life, all life. The Medicine Wheel depicts cycles within cycles. For example, birth to death to rebirth, movement from thought to action, spring to winter, and sunrise to […]


Sizemore Tribal Gathering 2017

The 3rd Annual Gathering of the Sizemore Tribe was held on Aug. 11 & 12th , 2017. On the Friday the 11th the Tribal Council, accompanied by some of their family members, toured the area occupied by our ancestors since the early 1700’s. Lunch was enjoyed on top of Whitetop Mtn. surrounded by clouds and […]