Our History

Our History

We have followed the movement of the Sizemores from the early 1700’s up until the early 1900’s and the filing of more than 2,200 Eastern Cherokee Applications filed by Sizemore descendants. Despite those Eastern Cherokee Applications, our research has found is that we are a Siouan people who migrated here from the Ohio River Valley […]

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22th Annual American Indian Heritage Celebration Raleigh, NC Nov. 14th, 2017

Members of the tribe attended the 22th Annual American Indian Heritage Celebration in Raleigh, NC on November 14, 2017. Representatives from all eight state recognized tribes were present in the state’s capital. There were crafts, storytelling, singing and dancing, and hands on activities. Here is an example of a social song sung by Arnold Richardson and […]

Setting The Sizemore Story Straight

Setting The Sizemore Story Straight

With the advent of the internet and social media, many armchair Sizemore researchers have the opportunity to find and share way more information than was possible 20 years ago. Family researchers have a lifetime of Sizemore family research literally at their fingertips. Their are also some documents available digitally that weren’t even accessible to the […]


On Being “Part Indian”

How often have you heard or said “I’m part Indian or American Indian”? If you have, then some Native American elders have something to teach you. A very touching example was told by a physician from Oregon who discovered as an adult that he was Indian. This is his story. Listen well: Some twenty or […]

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Traces – Poetry by Shonda Buchanan

Traces for my NC Sampson County Manuels   Since 1830, every year on the Census my third great grandfather disappeared in his  skin.  First Indian, then Mulatto in 1840,  in 1850, he was eventually white.   What were we?   My fourth great grandfather  could have left an easier trail to follow.       […]