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Tribal Enrollment

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New River Band Catawba Nation APPLICATION (.pdf)

Sizemore-Tribe-Family-Tree-Worksheet (.pdf)

New Enrollment

New Enrollment

The following items are required:

  1. Certified Birth Certificate or
    Picture ID(drivers license);  for children: school ID picture; for babies: shot record)
    2. Marriage Certificate (only if you are enrolling your spouse).
    3. NA Parent Birth Certificate or Death Certificate
    4. NA Grand-parent Birth or Death Certificate (if applicable)
    5. Genealogical Family Tree (You must supply)

We request 7 generations including Names, ( and as much of the following as you can supply) Date Of Birth, Date Of Death, Place Of Birth, Place Of Death, Date Of Marriage

  1. One document showing the relationship  connecting one generation to the preceding generation. Ex. Census Record, Birth/Death Certificate with NA parent named, Obituary, Will, Newspaper Story, or Dawes Roll statement.

Full Membership also requires DNA Kit # or GEDmatch #

Yearly membership fee of $5 per member is be paid upon application and Every Jan, 1st there after. ( see Q and A)



Enrollment Information

Application for enrollment may be made by any person on his or her own

behalf or may be made by a sponsor on behalf of the following:

( 1) a minor

(2) a deceased person;

(3) An incapacitated, incompetent or any other person otherwise in

need of assistance:

( 4) a member of the armed services or other service of the United

States Government who is stationed outside the Continental United States:

(5) any person by a member of his or her immediate family.


Who Should Apply

Section 1: No persons enrolled with another Native American tribe or group, regardless of the tribe or group’s state or federal recognition, shall be a member of The Sizemore Tribe of the New River.

Section 2: In order to be eligible for membership in the Sizemore Tribe all potential members must possess one of the following:

a). Direct proven lineage to one of the proven Native American lines of Sizemore descendants.

Families Eligible for Full and Inter-Tribal Enrollment:

1. Edward (Old Ned) Sizemore Birth 1724 in Brunswick County, Virginia, United States
Death 13 Jul 1780 in Wilkes, Ashe, North Carolina, United States
2. George “All” Sizemore b. 1748-50 d. 1822 Perry County, Ky
3. Ephraim Sizemore b. 1748 d. 1836 Spartanburg, SC
4. George Sizemore b. 1750 d. 1820 Ashe County, NC
5. George Sizemore b. 1750’s d. 1793 Barnwell, SC
6. Edward Sizemore b. 1748 d. 1810 Hawkins County, Tn
7. The son of William and Elizabeth Sizemore of Mecklenberg County, Virginia. William Sizemore b. 1750 d. 1830 Stokes County, NC, he married Catherine Adams

b). Also eligible for membership are those persons who can prove direct descent from Native Americans who also settled in the general vicinity of the New River valley.


Full Membership:

Section 1: All Full members must have either:

a) Documented proof of direct lineage to one of the proven Native American lines of Sizemore descendants.

(Stated above)

b.) Documented proof of direct descent from other Native Americans who settled in that general vicinity.

Section 2: If you are over the age of 18 years , to enroll as a Full Member you must show proven Native Blood through Y-DNA, Mt-DNA, and or Autosomal DNA. Your DNA kit # must be presented at time you apply for membership. EXCEPTION: See Section 5

Section 3- person eligible to enroll as a Full member may also enroll their descendents i.e. Children and Grandchildren as full members under their DNA Kit #. Their descendents may, if they choose, submit their own DNA results but it is not required for their eligibility as a full member. A per so enrolled will have this reflected in the Tribal ID number. ( Ex. Parent ID number =AAAAA Descendant ID number =AAAAA – 1)

Section 4: All persons who qualified for and were accepted into full membership under the membership requirements contained in the Constitution and By-Laws of The New River Tribe of Native Americans.

Section 5: Full members will obtain all voting privileges and be eligible to serve on committees and teams when they reach an age of 18. A member may not serve on the council, as an Elder, or as a Committee Chair until the age of 25. At the age of 25, all full members will be eligible to serve on the Tribal Council, as Elders, Committee Chairs, and other capacities as set forth in these by laws.

Inter-Tribal Membership:

Section 1: To qualify for Inter-Tribal Membership a person must provide either:

a.) Fully documented proof of their direct linage to one or more of the proven Native American Sizemore lines.

b.) Documented proof of direct descent from other Native Americans who settled in that general vicinity.

Section 2: All candidates for Inter-Tribal membership must also present an Ancestral tree showing each of their predecessors going back to the known Native American ancestor, shown in chronological order, and including evidence linking each person to the previous one.

Section 3: Inter-Tribal member shall not have the same voting privileges as a full member.

Section 4: An Inter-Tribal member shall not hold a seat on The Sizemore Tribe of the New River Council or any other official position in the Tribe such as Elder.

NOTE ** DNA testing is not a requirement to be an Intertribal member** Completion of DNA testing in the future which proves the presence of NA DNA will qualify an Intertribal member to be a Full Member upon presentation of proof ofNative American DNA. (see DNA proof requirements listed under Full Members point 2.)

Adopted Members:

Section 1: All Members Spouses will be eligible to join the Tribe as an adopted member. They shall remain in the tribe as long as they were active in the Tribe and remained married to the Member. Divorce or remarriage shall result in the termination of the adopted spouse’s tribal membership. (Spouses may also join as a Full member or Inter tribal if they those qualifications.)

Section 2: Adopted children of members will also be eligible to join as an adopted member for life as long as they join before reaching age 18. Upon reaching the age of 18 they may choose to remain a member for life. Adoption status must be proven by either an Adoption Decree or a copy of an amended birth certificate.

Section 3: Adopted members may not vote or hold any Council or Elders seat. They may attend any Tribal gathering or function. Adopted members can also serve on committees or serve as Council Secretary. Adopted members are encouraged to take an active role in the Tribe.