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Who are the Sizemore’s Native American Ancestors?

Some will try taking advantage of families such as the Sizemore, Collins and other Surnames by citing The Racial Integrity Act of 1924, thus being further known as “FPC” Mulatto, Melungeon, Metis, and other of mixed native blood. The fact is these families were not Saponi , Cherokee or any other recognized tribe in America, the Sizemore Y-Dna haplotype alone is of an unknown Native American’s, maybe one they thought was extinct. Anyone claiming otherwise is sadly mistaken and giving these families false hope in stating they are from one of these particular tribes.

Is the Sizemore Tribe of the New River a federally or state recognized tribe?

No, the Sizemore Tribe of the New River is not recognized by federal or state governments.

Why do you ask for donations and membership fees?

Membership Fees help pay our operating costs which include maintaining a PO Box, postage fees, office supplies, maintaining a website, and other fees associated with operating a non-profit organization.

If I become a member of the tribe will I be eligible for government benefits?

By law , you are only eligible for government benefits if you are a member of a recognized tribe and your blood quantum meets the government requirements. The federal government uses blood quantum, to say whether they consider you a Native American or not.

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  1. Hello my name is Ronda Sisemore Glasco and I have been working on our family tree. And I seen where DNA is being done. I know that my uncle (W.C. Sisemore) done his with Family DNA out of Houston,Tx. What one are the member’s using and where is it located? can we use my uncles DNA results?

    Our family tree line

    George All Sizemore 1750-1822 My g-g-g-g-g-grandfather

    James Sizemore 1775-1824 My g-g-g-g-grandfather

    James A Sizemore 1816-1900 My g-g-g-grandfather

    James Coleman Sisemore 1856-1952 My g-g-grandfather

    William Walter Sisemore 1882-1962 My g-grandfather

    Otis Harvey Sisemore 1912-1979 My grandfather

    Bobby dean Sisemore 1934-2014 My father

    Thank you,

    Ronda Glasco

    1. Hi Rhonda. I am the Membership co ordinator for the Appomattoc Tribe of the Canawhay River. I am the one responsible for determining if a potential member has presented sufficient evidence to be admitted to the Tribe. We have more than one type membership. Full Members must have DNA test results showing that they do possess Native American DNA and also present documents that prove they are the descendant of, in your case, George All Sizemore. Intertribal Members have to have the same documentation but do not have to have had their DNA done. Please see the following page on our website for more details. http://canawhayappomattoc.com/enrollment-forms/. Per our membership policy a parent or grand parent may enroll their descendants under their own DNA test data. If you have not had your DNA tested you could join, if eligible, as an Inter-tribal member. We accept DNA results from all recognized DNA testing companies. Please contact me at the email address on that webpage if you have any other questions or need help determining which membership type you might qualify for.
      Thank you for your interest in the Appomttoc Tribe.
      Jamie Harris

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