Setting The Sizemore Story Straight

With the advent of the internet and social media, many armchair Sizemore researchers have the opportunity to find and share way more information than was possible 20 years ago. Family researchers have a lifetime of Sizemore family research literally at their fingertips. Their are also some documents available digitally that weren’t even accessible to the average researcher 20 years ago.

Their are also major drawbacks to having this much information available instantly. Many of the stories written are based on family stories or tailored to fit an individuals family story. Many new researchers and those that don’t understand the complexities of Native movements and racial identities believe these stories because they loosely fit “what they have always heard”. The they share these stories on social media or otherwise, and the myths and legends are perpetuated.

It is the goal of this series of articles to dispel these myths.

The first article will deal with the simple issue of mis-identification of family pictures. We hope you enjoy these articles. As always, if you have any questions please contact us via the contact page: