Sizemore Tribal Gathering 2017

The 3rd Annual Gathering of the Sizemore Tribe was held on Aug. 11 & 12th , 2017. On the Friday the 11th the Tribal Council, accompanied by some of their family members, toured the area occupied by our ancestors since the early 1700’s. Lunch was enjoyed on top of Whitetop Mtn. surrounded by clouds and beautiful scenery. The second day, The Gathering was held at New River State Park. Here ceremony, food, crafts, and a traditional Stickball game were enjoyed by all in attendance. The Gathering always provides us with ample chances to learn our traditions, see our fellow members and share the beauty of our home lands along the New River. When you are there it is easy to see why our our Ancestors chose to return here and finally settle after a century of being displaced by a growing nation. Here the majesty, grandeur, solitude and peace of the natural world will put you at ease and hold you in their memory till you can be there again. Here you know the meaning of Hihi.

Lunch in the clouds on Whitetop
Friends getting to meet at last
Never a dull moment with those two around.
Mother Earth’s gifts seen along our tour .
The Council and their families enjoying Whitetop Mtn.
The Gathering provided friends the opportunity to see each other again.
First Annual Stickball Game held at the Gathering.
When up on Whitetop Mtn. it is easy to see why our Ancstors settled here. A magical place.
Waiting in the fog.
The cake for the Social held after the Naming Ceremony. A time to sit and enjoy each others company for a few more minutes before departing and going our separate ways. Till next year.


Enjoying the Stick ball game
Enjoying the Stick ball game