Tribal Government

Tribal Council

Jamie Poteat Harris, Membership Coordinator -Provides administrative support to the member relations manager by generating prospective member leads, developing and maintaining a membership recruitment list, and assisting with development of member recruitment and retention programs. Shall update membership database and develop monthly membership reports. Generates membership prospect leads through a variety of sources including the internet. Shall compile membership packets an work to identify and develop membership recruitment materials. Assist with member events including registration set-up support for the tribe. File and update any enrollments submitted.

Robin Sykes – Genealogist – Works closely with the member coordinator and oversees the DNA process/giving potential members the tools to gather needed information. Shall work closely with the online genealogy group, helps with the process of gathering documents for future enrollments into the tribe. Shall work in maintaining and the development of the tribe’s ancestors master tree. Shall make sure all information is as accurate as possible, with needed documents and other information.

Seth Harris – Treasurer/Ambassador – Oversees receipts, deposits, and disbursement of of the organization and maintains a financial record of all transactions. Reports the financial status of the origination finances and prepares an annual financial report. Also oversees the organizations tax preparations and processes the returns as required by the Internal Revenue Service. This person also serves as the tribal representative designated to establish working relationships with other tribes.

**OPEN SEAT** – Membership Recruiter – Will establish a Committee made up of at least 4 or 5 other Tribe members. Each will be in charge of recruiting members in a specific geographical area. Will coordinate with the Genealogy Department to find and provide information for prospective members. Will work closely with Membership Coordinator to ensure all prospective members are being reached and processed in the most effective manor.

Patricia Nyenhuis Secord – Public Relations and Communications/ Welfare – In charge of producing a monthly newsletter. Writing and releasing to the press and other Media developments within the Tribe . Press releases and media coverage for the Gathering. Develop a committee to check on the welfare and well being of Tribe members.

Pam Lews – Tribal Culture – Charged with providing opportunities and resources to help Tribe members reclaim aspects of our Cultural past, including traditions, spirituality, crafts, environmental awareness, etc. Will chair the Gathering Committee.

Elaine Meeks Hill, Tribal Legal Representative – legal representative and adviser to the Sizemore Tribal Council and Elders.

**OPEN SEAT** Tribal Historian – Charged with collecting and maintaining a historical record of our tribe, both past and present. Charged with writing up documentation for recognition. Will work closely with other Council members setting up a time table for recognition and assigning duties and task to ensure all information needed for recognition is submitted in a timely fashion.


Nancy Oaks Major Tribal Secretary – The backbone of tribal organizations and government and must constantly enhance skills and learn the latest technology and techniques also oversees the tribal meeting archives and maintain tribal mail. Shall post all upcoming scheduled tribal meetings allowing advance notice. Shall attend each Member and Council Meeting and must have a updated meeting agenda posted before each meeting starts. Shall Take accurate notes and record motions/reports/resolutions. Shall transcribe notes and certify the minutes of every meeting and upload them into the file folders of each group. Most maintain and archive past meeting minutes for her own records to keep for backup files.
Membership Committee
Chairperson: Robin Sykes
Council Representative: Jamie Harris
Fundraising Committee
Chairperson: Open Seat
Council Representative: Seth Harris